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What is

Argendivas is a site of VIP escorts and high class escorts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unlike agencies or intermediaries, we do not intercede between those who visit our site and the women who publish here. We limit ourselves to the improvement and maintenance of the functions that connect users with the vip escorts that are promoted here.

What is the difference between escort and vip escort?

Although the line between the two can be blurred, in general, a vip escort stands out for her excellent presence, boutique clothing and accessories, and a lot of discipline in eating and training. As a result, they tend to be housed in 5-star hotels, luxury apartments and high-end cars. Their fees, of course, reflect all of the above.

Who are looking for vip escorts?

A vip escort is a guarantee, not only of a pleasant and unforgettable moment, but also of security and privacy. High level escorts are used to work with businessmen, tourists, important politicians and even famous artists. They are, therefore, experts in keeping the forms and care that this kind of clients require.

Where to look for vip escorts in Argentina?

The safest and most effective way to find the ideal vip escort, is to do it on sites specialized in high-level escorts. In Argendivas we offer a platform that meets all the necessary requirements so that both the girls published, as visitors, can meet in an environment of privacy and respect.

Vip escorts and sexual relations.

While all escorts include escort and courtesan services among their services, vip escorts are ideal for companionship at events, outings, trips and other social engagements. Of course, a large percentage of men look for vip escorts for more intimate and private situations. It should be clarified that such interpersonal contracts are entirely at the expense of the interested parties. 

How do high-level women handle themselves?

Arranging a date with them requires some security guarantees. It is normal that some of them request (and also offer) certain things that a conventional escort does not. This is part of the job and should not be taken as an exaggeration. High level business men know this and also appreciate it, since privacy is a reciprocal value.

In which areas do vip escorts work?

Many of them have their own apartments in areas such as Palermo, Belgrano, Recoleta, Puerto Madero or Nordelta. Some of them also accept outcalls and even meetings in homes. It is usual for them to coordinate meetings in 5 and 6 star tourist hotels, as well as high level transient hostels.

Can anyone hire a luxury escort?

The short answer is yes. But the same could be said about buying a Mercedes Benz. The reality is that vip escort services are usually demanded by people with high purchasing power. The overall experience of an encounter with this caliber of ladies involves both places and high-end goods. It is not coherent to invest 50 times more in a personal service with a high level escort than in the hotel where the date is to be arranged.

Characteristics of a Vip escort

A high-class escort girl has several distinctive features. For starters, they own irresistible bodies, with curves and perfect proportions. Many of them maintain them with a balanced diet and a strict training plan at the gym. Their clothing and footwear are top brands, as well as their perfumes, lotions, make-up, jewelry and other accessories.

Types of Vip escorts

This is not intended to be a definitive list, but we can briefly list some of the most common high-level escort styles on this site.

VIP fitness girls

Perhaps one of the most sought after and most expensive in the market. They stand out for a perfect gym figure, worked out bodies, toned tails and sinewy legs. They are goddesses with dream bodies that make the most demanding men's jaws drop. In addition to their physical appearance, their good athletic condition makes them expert lovers, both in a variety of poses and endurance.

Vip carilindas women

Those who are looking for an unforgettable outing, a social gathering, or simply to share a romantic evening with a woman of beautiful features, do not rest in search of this kind of nymphs. Their angelic faces, perfectly proportioned, of those who fall in love at first sight, are simply an irresistible attraction for lovers of good taste.

Exuberant Vip Escorts

Celebrity gatecrashers. Their voluptuous bodies with pronounced curves are the bane of those looking for pornstar style bodies. They are the emblem of the perfect woman for sex. They may look great in their underwear, but they do even better without.

High class mature escorts

Authentic MILFs of the highest level. Those queens that the years only make them more desirable. Because of their genetics, as well as their good nutrition and care, they have not only kept in shape, but they often look even better than in their younger years. You could refer to them as "fine whores".

Virtual Vip Escorts

Whether through Only Fans, personal pages, social networks or directly by WhatsApp and telephone, these escorts provide their services remotely. Sale of photo packs, video calls, sexting, videos and any other type of non-presential links. Until recently nonexistent, the morbidity of virtuality is becoming more and more common.

Models or influencers 

Modelito or "lolita" style. They are usually young and with a youthful profile, typical of social networks or the modeling world. Their charm and freshness exceeds a beautiful body, they are an ideal combo for those who are looking for both beauty and personality.

Where do these escorts work?

Each escort works in one or more of the following places. You will always see clearly specified in their profile, in which of these you will be able to make an appointment with them.

Vip Escorts with their own apartment

Most of the escort girls have their own apartment. In the Federal Capital, almost all of them have an apartment in the areas with the highest purchasing power such as Puerto Madero, Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano. On the other hand, the girls from the Province of Buenos Aires are more likely to live in houses or apartments in Zona Norte, Pilar, Nordelta, in Zona Oeste, in quintas in Parque Leloir or in Zona Sur, in private neighborhoods in Canning.

Home visits

This type of modality is not so common among luxury escorts. For security reasons, they prefer to have more control. Anyway, when there is a previous meeting or a minimum of trust, many of them agree to visit their clients in the wealthy areas of Buenos Aires.

Meetings in luxury hotels.

High level escorts prefer hotels of well-known international chains. Transient hostels (usually called "telos"), are usually more associated with escorts of not so high level. However, there are 5-star telos in the outskirts of Buenos Aires that are a great option for clients who are not from Capital Federal.

Contacting a Vip Escort

- This type of escorts are published in specialized sites. Solo Independientes and Argentina XP are two pages with several years of existence. In ArgenDivas we work every day to position ourselves as the best alternative.

- When you visit the publication of a high-class escort you like, you can access much more information than the description. For starters, the quality of the photos, videos, clothes, accessories, locations, etc., already tell us a lot about the level of service she provides. Data such as the area in which it operates, measurements and schedule are obvious and can help us to define our choice.

- Once you contact the chosen Vip escort, it is advisable to get rid of all the doubts you may have. Ask her about her service, conditions, rates, etc. It is extremely important that the contract between client and escort is absolutely clear before the date.

- The last step is the most pleasant, it is time to make the appointment and live an unforgettable moment. Respect and consensus are the basic pillars that cannot be avoided at any time. Based on this premise, an encounter with a VIP escort can be one of the best experiences you can have.

Argendivas and its services

- Our site is characterized by providing the best service of publications for vip escorts and high level escorts in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The most beautiful and sought after models and girls in Capital Federal, offer their escort services to people with high purchasing power such as businessmen, diplomats, politicians and celebrities. In Argendivas you can trust in finding the woman of your dreams to share unforgettable moments.

- Argendivas generates its own content, both photos and videos. This not only guarantees excellence in the quality of the material published by the vip escorts, but also verifies the veracity of each one of them. In our website you can be sure of the highest level of the escorts that are promoted here.

- You can search and filter models by age, neighborhood, height, hair color, measurements and many other characteristics. In the description of each escort you will be able to know more about her services and characteristics. Finally, you will have direct access to her WhatsApp to contact her.

- We are always at the service of the escort girls who publish, as well as the users who honor us with their visit. Our attention is constant, including weekends. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.
Both for users who are entering the site for the first time, and for those who already have experience in contacting escorts in Argentina, it is important to take into account some issues to maximize the satisfaction of the visit. 

Tips for customers

- Respect is essential before anything else. In general, the sex industry is seen in a bad light, but the reality is that escorts, masseuses and mature women who work in it are workers like any other. Treating them with respect and honoring the agreement is not an option, it is an obligation. Fortunately, modern times protect sex workers much more than in the past, but beyond that, polite treatment is the right thing to do.

- Always comply and enforce the pre-agreed conditions. Punctuality, hygiene, respect and duration of the encounter are the bases that must be respected by both parties. Beyond being a sexual encounter, the limit of good manners should never be crossed. The good vibes and the fundamental basis of a pleasant moment for both the independent escorts and their visitors.

- Another important factor when arranging meetings with Argentine escorts is to remove all doubts beforehand. In Argendivas you can easily access the WhatsApp of the women who publish, that is the best way to ask them directly any questions you have about their services.

- If you are going to coordinate a video-call or a package purchase, try to check that the escort has some positive comments. Although in Argendivas we always check the veracity of the escorts that publish, it is not superfluous to make sure that you will receive the consideration after the payment. In the video calls section you can see more details and contact us if there is any inconvenience.

- Needless to say, safe sex is non-negotiable. We take very seriously the health of both the escorts who publish, as well as the users who visit our site. That is why we do not endorse in any way the offer or request of such practices that put both parties and the rest of society at risk.

- Do not try to seduce or fall in love with an escort. Much less insist on sending messages, reiterating questions, asking for pictures, etc. They are professionals and they are working. Of course, gallantry and sensuality are part of the erotic game, but they are just that, a game. They are clear about it and they count on their clients to be clear about it too.

- Although escorts perform sexual practices, they are not porn actresses. Keep in mind that they work more than one shift per day and it is impossible to maintain a rhythm like the one seen in professional videos.

-Respect for the escorts, both physical and verbal, must be a priority at all times. It is the escort who offers her conditions and the client who must accept them or look for another one. But at no time may the line drawn by the escort be crossed. 

-If you have any doubts or concerns about booking a date with escorts in Argentina, we recommend you to take a look at our blog. There you will find practical articles with tips to visit an escort. From which hotel to take them to, to how to minimize the risks for you and for them, at the time of having sex.

- Relax and enjoy. Meeting an escort should be an experience of pure enjoyment, without nervousness or impositions. As long as it is taken naturally, this kind of adventures can become your most pleasurable activity.

Tips for escorts

- Do not mix personal photos or information with work information. Avoid using profile pictures with family and/or friends in the published WhatsApp. Do not use the same photos and/or videos in social networks and in publications.

- Take note of the number of monthly consultations and concretions. This way you will be able to know exactly if you should increase or decrease your fee. You will also be able to compare the success of your publications on different sites.

- Organize the schedule in a reasonable manner. Avoid overlapping schedules or even close shifts. Escort clients are looking for privacy and relaxation. Building trust and good service is the key to having good clients and having them contact you again in the future.

- A good escort publication starts with a good set of photos. It is not essential that they are professional, nowadays cell phone cameras have a very good quality. Anyway, it is not a bad idea to have a book to have both home and professional pictures. The important thing is that the images and/or videos bring out the best of you while still being genuine.

- Prepare a good "speech" with all the services you offer as an escort. Prepare in your WhatsApp a text detailing everything the client wants to know about your service, such as the practices you perform, schedule, fees, etc. You can decorate it with emojis, bold letters, italics and hyphens, this way it will be easier and more attractive for the reader.

- If you notice that someone is asking you too many questions and is not going to answer them, do not get angry or insult them. In these cases, the best thing to do is to ignore or block, but without arguing. Serious clients looking for escorts in Buenos Aires 

- Do not feel guilty about working as an escort. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more normal that women with the conditions and desire to do it, dare to enjoy the sweetness of a much better paid job than most of them.

- Be respected from the first moment. The escort is not obliged to do anything she does not want to do. It is very important to be honest when stating the services provided in order to avoid misunderstandings. Without being curt or rude, you can make clear the rules and guidelines that you are both comfortable with.

- Comply with the rules established in the terms and conditions, as well as in the video call section. We do not admit any kind of scams, when a client makes a virtual payment in advance, the consideration to be paid by the escort must be fulfilled or the money refunded.
Argendivas is a site of Vip Escorts publications and as such, we do not intercede between the visitors and the escorts that publish here. All advertisers are independent and do so at their own free will.

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