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VIP escorts practicing role reversal in Argentina.

VIP escorts specialized in role reversal are relatively rare. Most of them are dominatrixes who include this practice in their repertoire. However, some escorts and even masseuses offer services that involve male anal penetration.

This variant has multiple names such as, female sodomy, strap-on, pegging, anal penetration, among others. This type of play is linked to both female domination (FemDom) and BDSM.

The role reversal practiced by VIP level women in Argentina represents one of the most prominent fetishes within the escort field. For many paraphilia enthusiasts, this practice is considered the most representative.

In general, these practices are carried out using strap-ons or hand-held dildos and dildos. Occasionally, some prefer fisting, although it is not one of the most requested or offered methods.

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