VIP mature escorts

About VIP Mature Escorts

Who are considered VIP Mature Escorts?

A VIP mature escort is usually considered to be a high-level escort woman who is close to or over 40 years of age. 

Beyond a question of age, the experience and vocation to always remain goddesses, places them in a place of excellence and privilege.

Who are looking for Mature VIP Escorts?

Young men have a weakness for high-class mature escorts. They seek them for their experience and sensuality, which makes them ideal for the first sexual experiences.

They are also in great demand by businessmen, managers and civil servants for social events as well as for night outings to restaurants and meetings.

What is the difference between a VIP escort and a VIP mature escort?

It could be said that none, at least in terms of service and level. In any case, it is evident that the expertise and the eagerness to "teach" generates a great morbid curiosity in men.

Buenos Aires is a city that invites you to go out and enjoy it, there is no better way to do it than in the company of a VIP mature escort.

In which areas do VIP mature escorts have their encounters?

The vast majority of high-class escorts make their appointments in wealthy areas of Capital Federal. Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo and Belgrano are some of their favorite neighborhoods.

In Buenos Aires, areas such as Nordelta, San Isidro, Parque Leloir and Canning stand out. Private neighborhoods, villas or exclusive apartments serve as the setting for their passionate encounters.

Do VIP mature escorts go to hotels?

A mature, high-class escort, she has made intelligent decisions throughout her life. Real estate is no exception, which is why they usually have their own apartment.

This does not mean that they do not offer escort services in 5-star hotels or more, domiciles in elite neighborhoods and even social outings or even trips abroad.

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