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◽ ONLY adults of legal age who are INDEPENDENTLY employed.
◽ ONLY publications from Argentina. 
◽ Argendivas reserves the right of publication.
◽ Send us a WhatsApp with your query 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Legal terms and conditions

Argendivas is not a modeling agency. We limit ourselves to create, maintain and promote our site to make it accessible to those interested in the services of the people who publish in it. In all cases the ads are made by the published escorts, with their consent and under their own responsibility.

ALL the people who publish are of legal age, with a valid ID and identity verified in person, since all the photos and videos are taken by us.

We have no involvement in the contract between visitors and advertisers. This agreement is the total and absolute responsibility of the interested parties. We only intervene at the request of either of the 2 parties if we are asked to collaborate to settle any matter.

By generating our own content of photos and videos, we guarantee the maximum veracity and verification of each of those advertised. This fulfills the double function of convenience for the vip escort, as well as security for the client.

Tips for women who advertise as VIP escorts

The quality of the photos and/or videos you upload determines a large part of your success. At Argendivas we generate our own audiovisual content, which guarantees both the excellence of your publication and the security of the client.

Try to have a varied closet and always prioritize quality. Well-to-do clients value good taste, fine lingerie, imported perfumes and the glamour that only a high-class maid can offer them.

Makeup, hair care and hand care also play a key role in attracting high-class prospects. Never skimp on them, they are your calling card and an investment that will come back to you in spades.

○ Manage yourself as your own company, but without losing humanity and good treatment. The good organization of your shifts, punctuality and the correct description of your services are of great importance and give an image of an important and professional woman.

Privacy is as important to you as it is to the business people and clients who hire you. Avoid asking about each other's private lives, businessmen are people with public recognition. Also don't expose yourself more than necessary, high-level escorts usually provoke some degree of obsession in their fans.

○ Take care of your safety whether you attend in your apartment, hotel or home appointments. Make sure you ask all the necessary questions to the client so that you feel calm and comfortable. If you have any doubts or suspicions, it is better to lose a potential job than to take a risk.
Fulfilling your responsibility to provide a service that matches the description in the advertisement is essential as an escort. Respecting and satisfying the client is not only an integral part of any worthy activity, but also contributes significantly to strengthening your own reputation.

On the other hand, and above all, you have the right to assert your respect and to demand the observance of previously established conditions. The way a client treats you should be no different from the way any other professional would treat you. At any sign of disrespect, it is your legitimate decision to terminate the relationship between the client and the escort.

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