About Camgirls escorts

What are Camgirls?

This is the name given to an escort who offers virtual services for adults. In general, this involves WebCam sessions, personalized photos, videos, sexting, etc. They may or may not also offer face-to-face escort or mistress services, but this is not always the case. Some of them specialize in generating digital content.

What services do WebCam Girls offer?

This kind of virtual escorts focus on two types of services according to the timeframe in which they are provided. Synchronous services, such as video calls, sexting and phone calls, are done in real time with the client. Asynchronous services, on the other hand, can be packs of photos and videos (often personalized) and even the sale of underwear, called burusera.

Is it legal to be a Camgirl in Argentina?

Of course it is! There is nothing illegal about being an escort and there is nothing illegal about being a camgirl. As long as you get paid for your own work and it is done with consent, it is perfectly legal. It is important to respect the privacy of the other person (whether camgirl or client) and NEVER share private information or images with another person.

What does a Camgirl need for her job?

It is essential to have a good cell phone with a good resolution camera. The physical environment where the content is made is also very important since it gives an aesthetic frame to the act. Finally, it remains to promote your services in sites such as Argendivas.com.

How to hire a Camgirl in Argentina?

One of the best ways to access the services of a Camgirl in Argentina, is to enter Argendivas.com and choose the woman you like the most. Once you contact her by WhatsApp, she will guide you so that you can share an unforgettable moment.

Rules and tips

IMPORTANT: Argendivas is not obliged to make refunds in case of possible scams. The site is limited to verify the veracity of the published profiles, it is the responsibility of the users of the site to follow the recommended actions to avoid fraud or deception. Our commitment is to mediate and collaborate in the search for solutions to problems.
In case of suspicious actions or accusations, both by users and published, these rules will be applied:
1) If a user presents concrete evidence that a video call was paid for, and the call was not made, the published company has two alternatives:
  a) Reschedule at a mutually convenient date and time.
  b) Refund the money received for the video call not made.
In these cases we expect the good predisposition of both parties. It should be clarified that in case the advertised does not comply with the rescheduling or with the refund of the money, Argendivas is not financially responsible, as expressed in the refund policies. On the other hand, the site has the power to terminate the publication, as it is detailed in the legal terms of the site.
2) If an anonymous and unproven accusation is received but the accused does not respond or does not show willingness to resolve the problem.
We have in Argendivas, as a primary objective, that the advertised as well as the visitors and users, receive a service of maximum level and we can solve all their worries and problems. We count on the collaboration of all of them to achieve it.
For VIP Escorts
Always make sure you have received the money in your bank or digital account. It is very common to send a screenshot as proof, but the reality is that it does not work. Do not start a video call or deliver your digital content until the payment has been credited to your account.

In night hours, it usually happens that the payment is delayed. We recommend that you explain in good terms to the person who paid for the service that he/she should be patient until the payment is credited. If he/she is in good faith and did not try to scam you, he/she should understand this.
For users
In Argendivas we personally corroborate the veracity and honesty of those advertised, however it is always important to make sure to make the necessary consultations for your peace of mind.

Many times video calls or content purchases are made at times when transfers may take some time to be credited. In such cases, we ask you to be patient and understand that the Escort Vip needs to see the completed transfer in her application. If after a few hours this does not happen, remember that you can contact us via email at info@argendivas.com and we will help solve the problem.

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