8 things that characterize a VIP Escort

It is not the spirit of this article to make an assessment between different types of escorts. On the contrary, we are going to focus exclusively on the so-called "escorts". escorts VIP and in the features that characterize them. Beyond the obvious ones related to their onerous tariffs or their celestial aspects, the high-level escorts possess certain qualities that put them in a league of their own.

1) Toned body...

sexy woman gym

...and trained. Although there are exceptions, Vip escorts usually invest time and effort in the gym. Being always at their best is part of their cachet. Besides, there is a psychological factor that makes the better they look, the more they strive to improve.

2) Orderly feeding...

sexy woman cooking

...and balanced. A bit related to the first point and a bit related to the leisure time we will see later on, Vip escorts usually have very healthy eating habits. This makes the workout look better on their bodies and keeps them in an ideal physical condition.

3) Academic background.

academic woman

In many cases the high-level escorts are university students who dedicate themselves to part-time work. In other cases, they are directly received professionals, who simply earn more money being escorts. Being the mind such an important factor in sensual stimulation, that sophistication is always appreciated.

4) Agenda released...

quiet agenda

... relaxed shifts. A Vip escort usually manages other times. Their high rates and their meticulous preparation for each date contribute to the fact that they are not always on a tight schedule. This results in a much more personalized service and a better experience.

5) Service excellence.

sex with escort

A VIP escort lives by her reputation. Providing themselves professionally in a generous manner is vital to maintain or improve their clientele. They are usually a guarantee of good service and almost impossible to have any kind of altercation or deception.

6) Refined tastes.

woman eating chocolate

Many Vip escorts travel the world and cultivate sophisticated and novel pleasures. Seduction and morbidity are also nourished by the unknown, they know how to surprise.

7) First class lingerie.

woman lingerie

One of the most notorious characteristics of a Vip woman's clothing is undoubtedly the underwear. Their silk lace, thongs with rhinestones, vinyl corsets and garter belts. Her collections of shoes and high-heeled sandals are a delight even without wearing them.

8) Post-sex talk.

post sex couple

Due to many of the points mentioned above, the brief dialogue that almost always ends a sexual encounter, usually has a different meaning with a Vip escort. For some people it may seem unimportant, but for others it is what seals the feeling that it was money well invested. On the other hand, it often generates a confirmation that we will come back to share another unforgettable and hot moment.

These are some of the hallmarks of distinction that has to offer a high level escort. Do you share? Can you think of any more? Leave us your comment.

Do you agree? What do you think about it? Leave us your comment.

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