10 best telos in buenos aires

Going to a telo, either with our partner or with escorts buenos aires, can be approached in two ways. The first derives from the need for a neutral and intimate environment that we often lack. A hotel can be a quiet place for the lady who hardly knows us or we simply do not live alone. But there are also those who go to a hotel as part of the experience, looking to spice up a night that is imagined unforgettable. For the latter, here are the 10 best telos in Buenos Aires (CABA and Province).

1) Pharaoh: Can you imagine?

hotel faraon room faraon spa room

Founded in 1995, Faraón is not only one of the most luxurious hotels in Buenos Aires, but perhaps the most emblematic. Its unforgettable slogan, "Can you imagine it?", has become so popular that it is often not clear which hotel it refers to. It has the imposing "Pharaoh Spa Room", a 250-square-meter triplex-style room. It has a whirlpool, private garage and even a sauna. Its proximity to major arteries such as the General Paz, Perito Moreno highway and Juan B. Justo Avenue, make it one of the most accessible telos from the north, west and CABA. On their web page they advertise that they accept up to 4 people per room.
Location: Gallardo 340, Versalles, CABA.

2) Dallas: Variety and good taste.

hotel dallas spa room dallas

This hotel has 16 rooms, most of them themed and very well decorated. Medieval, oriental, retro, Caligula, Titanic, are some of its themes. It has a great variety of services such as erotic chairs, pole dance pole, sauna, hydromassage, sliding roof, mirrors, etc. It offers a very good relation between quality and prices and usually on their website they have promotions. The street where it is located is very discreet and with little traffic despite being in the heart of Balvanera.
Location: Ecuador 224, Balvanera, CABA.

3) Dissors: The elegance of minimalism.

hotel dissors hab lacus

Probably the most expensive telo in Buenos Aires and for good reason. The rooms of this hotel, especially its namesake, emanate a unique beauty. Without overcrowded decorations or forced settings, Dissors stands out from the simplicity of its architectural lines. Its ample spaces create in the visitor an incomparable sensation of freedom and spaciousness. It has a Jacuzzi in almost all its rooms and a swimming pool in the "Dissors". Easy access by General Paz down Dardo Rocha / Tinogasta.
Location: 900 General Paz Avenue, Ciudadela, Province of Buenos Aires.

4) Armenon: A very private function.

hotel armenon hab loft

The main features of Armenon are its excellent lighting and its rooms with projectors. Ideal for those looking to watch a movie or hot videos away from the crowds of movie theaters. Its largest suites are duplexes with 50 and 80-inch projectors, making it possible to have an audiovisual experience like no other hotel. Jacuzzi, pole dance pole, Scottish shower and other amenities round out a hotel that has a lot to offer. Entrance through Sarmiento and Anchorena in the heart of Almagro.
Location: Sarmiento 3188, Balvanera, CABA.

5) Uman: An orgy of colors.

hotel uman hab smart

Not being one of the most sumptuous on this list, Uman is a hotel that stands out for its multicolored LED lights. In its 20 rooms, from the most economical to the most onerous, you can notice a search for generating visual climates of extreme beauty. Each one of them has a personality that distinguishes it, making it one of the hotels with more variants. Sliding roof, erotic armchair, sauna, hydromassage, garden and other amenities make Uman a very interesting option.
Location: Moreno 2471, Balvanera, CABA.

6) General Paz Hotel: Much more than a telo.

general paz hotel hab supreme

Probably the only one on this list that cannot be pigeonholed into the transient lodging category. GPH is practically a 5 star hotel, with international cuisine, family rooms, projectors and all the amenities expected of a hotel of this category. Located at the intersection of Avenida San Martín and General Paz, it is an unbeatable access to the north and west of the Province of Buenos Aires as well as to the Federal Capital. Definitely a great option for those looking to impress their companion.
Location: 3921 General Paz Avenue, San Martín, Province of Buenos Aires.

7) Otello: A classic never goes out of style.

otello hab garden

One of the pioneer hotels in the modality we know today as telo. Its wide variety of themed rooms and its excellent room service and cuisine, continue to keep it as a very good option. Located in the quiet neighborhood of Villa del Parque, ideal for those who need to keep a low profile and maximum discretion in their meetings.
Location: Arregui 4241, Villa Devoto, CABA.

8) Owen hotel: The flagship of the telos.

hotel owen hab torres vip

With its most important rooms decorated with naval themes, Owen stands out for its meticulous attention to detail. For those who are not looking for an intimate encounter on top of a Spanish galleon, Owen has numerous first class rooms with more modern decorations. In all of them the common denominator is good taste and excellence. Sauna, Jacuzzi, internal elevator are some of the amenities offered by its spacious rooms. Its location in the heart of Quilmes may seem a little far from the capital or other areas of the Province of Buenos Aires, but for those who have a car, the trip is much shorter if you take the Ricardo Balbín highway.
Location: Lafayette 975, Quilmes, Province of Buenos Aires.

9) Joker hotel: A hotel that is no joke.

joker hab sun and moon

Beyond its name, Joker presents 7 of the most beautiful rooms that can be found in a transient hostel. With an appearance more similar to modern apartments than to a telo, this hotel offers suites with different styles, but united by comfort and elegance. It has the typical amenities and services such as Jacuzzi, minibar, private garage and Wi-Fi. Joker is certainly one of the best options for the northern area of Buenos Aires. Located 2 blocks from Avenida Marquez Pablo Podestá height.
Location: 8244 Benito Pérez Galdós Avenue, Pablo Podestá, Province of Buenos Aires.

10) Babylon Gardens: 5 rooms of the highest level.

gardens of babylon inner courtyard

This hotel is part of a select group of resorts focused on the highest level. Few suites, but very luxurious, that is undoubtedly the main virtue of this impressive hotel. Its most important room has an incredible terrace and private pool like no other in the industry. Jardines is definitely one of the most glamorous hotels in Buenos Aires. Mentioning its room service, Jacuzzi, private garage and Scottish shower barely scratch the surface of what this imposing luxury hotel has to offer. It is located on Panamericana Avenue Km. 26, at Don Torcuato.
Location: 26600 Panamerican Highway 26600 Km 26, Don Torcuato, Province of Buenos Aires.

There are a lot of good telos in Buenos Aires. But only a few offer that leap of quality that guarantees an unforgettable experience. Because of their costs, they are not naturally hotels to visit very often, but on special occasions they are certainly worth considering.

Do you know any of these telos and can you recommend others? Leave us your comment.

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