Writing experiences with VIP escorts. Rules and tips.

Argendivas offers an experience rating system. This means that registered users of the site can share their opinion about the experiences they have had with escorts who post on our site.

Although both negative and positive experiences are accepted, we decided to outline some guidelines to clarify the rules of this section.

experiences with escorts

Escort qualification.

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In Argendivas you can share your experiences with Vip escorts.

We start from the concept that a negative rating has a direct impact on the escort's work. Often those who have a good experience are not as motivated to write a review as those who had a bad experience.

We believe that a bad experience of ill will (or wrong) causes much more damage than the absence of a warning to a real bad service. And in any case, being a profession 100% affected by the internet, it is much more exposed to online comments.

Who rates clerks, street sweepers, shopkeepers, bankers, etc. on websites or social networks?

This does not mean that we do not take bad ratings seriously, on the contrary, we are committed to promote better quality relationships, both from the clients and from the escorts. That is why we will not take negative reviews lightly, in such cases, we will prefer direct contact with the complainant to investigate the veracity of the allegations.

Cases that merit denouncing the publication.

There are clear cases that merit a denunciation of the published profile.

A) The publication is false or misleading. That is, the photos do not correspond to the person published and it is a clear case of identity theft.
B) The publication is real, but committed illicit acts. Be it theft, robbery, violence, defamation, violation of privacy, etc.
C) Received payment by face-to-face or electronic means and never fulfilled its consideration. This is a case that may occur when contracting escorts who make video calls. Follow the link to see how we protect our visitors.
D) The service is far from what is stated in the publication. This is a very delicate point, since many times it is the client himself who causes an unpleasant situation.
E) Any other situation that merits our involvement in resolving the complaint.

Our mediation policy.

In all the cases mentioned above, and in any other that may occur, we will proceed in good will, and to the best of our ability, to make a decision that is as fair as possible.

Of course, there will always be conflicting situations in which one of the parties will not be satisfied, but in general, almost every time we have had to mediate in this type of litigation, we have been able to resolve them to the benefit of both visitors and those published on the site.

We invite you to read our legal terms to know in detail how we proceed in each case.

Contact us.

If you have any doubts, remember that you can get in touch with us.

You can also leave us your comments below. Your suggestions are a great help to keep improving.

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