How to have Sex with Escorts Vip without risks

Perhaps the title of this article is too pretentious. The word sex has as many meanings as people pronounce it, but there are certainly some sexual practices that are riskier than others. As with food and other pleasures in life, finding a sustainable balance over time is the basis of both physical and mental health. Abusing them in a disorderly manner not only puts us at risk, it also prevents us from learning to genuinely enjoy them.

A tango danced in pairs (hundreds).

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Many men consider escorts as a test bench where they can give free rein to their deepest fantasies. Those ideas that his wife would never accept, that unknown look that does not embarrass us. The reality is that the microscopic world does not know about human psychology. What is risky with our partners is risky (and much more so) with occasional lovers. That carelessness, that license we allow ourselves with an escort, turns out to be multiplied by two hundred and turns against us like a boomerang. Not taking care of the escort is not taking care of ourselves.

Which practices are more risky?

preservative in cucumbers

To be more specific, it never hurts to remember that the use of condoms is the most efficient method we know today. Without getting into debates about comfort, sensitivity or practicality, the use of condoms should continue to be encouraged, especially in occasional relationships with escorts. Any exchange of secretions is of maximum risk.

Oral sex HEF (until the end).

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Fortunately, few men seek to penetrate a sex worker without protection. But, on the contrary, there are many who seek out women who provide HEF services, that is, receive semen in their mouths. While the recommendation of this article is NOT to make use of this practice, we can give some advice to slightly reduce the risks. In the case of women, avoid brushing your teeth 2 hours before in order not to produce micro-injuries in the mouth. Once the semen is received, drink water to help it reach the stomach faster, where the gastric juices neutralize it.

The art of the subtle.

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Just as no one enjoys the first glass of cognac they drink in their life, or fails to ponder a Bach Cantata or a Mondrian painting without a prior theoretical framework, cultivating a taste for healthy sexual practices requires a certain process. There are many ways to fully enjoy sexuality without putting ourselves at extreme risk. Tantra, sensual massages, voyeurism, BDSM are just some of the many alternatives to conventional sex.

Ultimately, not taking risks depends first and foremost on ourselves. Responsible sexual behavior not only benefits our health but also our spiritual and intellectual integrity. By taking care of your health, you may discover new pleasures that you have not yet explored.

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